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Mobile Legal Service & Interpreting Service

At Thomas Booler Lawyers we offer a mobile legal service so that we can come to you where ever you are – work, home, doctors appointments or even hospital. We also speak 11 languages and can provide an interpreting service.

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No Win, No Fee

If you are victim of someone else’s wrong doing, then you shouldn’t be out of pocket to fight your rights. Our No Win No Fee guarantee ensures that you get a positive result with no out of pocket expenses.

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Free Claim Advice & Assessment

Our free online claim assessment tool and free claim advice consultation help you to fast track the process and help you evaluate whether to pursue the matter legally. Take our free online claim assessment tool today and your case will go direct to a senior lawyer for review. Learn more »

Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workers Compensation, Public Liability & negligence

Family Law

Family Law

Divorce/ Separations, Disputes with Children, Asset Protection & Property Settlements

Wills & Disputes

Wills & Disputes

Wills & Estate Disputes

At Thomas Booler Lawyers, your claim never stands still.

You need a lawyer. You are not sure what steps to take next, or what kind of outcome you can expect.

You have come to the right place.

Starting from your initial consultation with Thomas Booler Lawyers, you will find our team of experienced lawyers to be friendly and approachable. We understand your situation, and can explain solutions to you in plain language – not in legal jargon.

From Compensation Law claims to family law and will disputes, our team has extensive expertise in the legal claim you are facing. For your peace of mind, we also offer a No Win – No Fee arrangement.

What’s more, we are using state-of-the-art technologies that help us do business faster and more efficiently, so that we can spend more time getting answers for clients like you.

Don’t lose another night of sleep over a stressful legal situation. Turn your claim over to our team of experts at Thomas Booler Lawyers, and let us help you get the results you’re entitled to.

*Applicable to Personal Injury Claims only

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